Milk Manager Module

The MILK MANAGER module manages the data associated with the milk procurement process. It controls the intake of data from truck based data capture systems. It also allows manual entry and correction (subject to audit control) of data. It validates the data and reports on any exceptional items. It reconciles data on milk collected with weighbridge, ADC discharge volumes and other aggregate measurements. It provides a large number of management reports and summaries to allow effective use of the data.

The volume of milk delivered and the delivery location can also be recorded and a series of reports produced.

Information relating to the collection process is also stored e.g. milk temperature, time of collection, route distances, pump times, CIP volume and temperature.

Data can be manually entered into the MILK MANAGER module. In addition the output of truck based AUTOMATIC DATA CAPTURE systems can be read directly by MAPS2000.

Milk Manager - UDS Software

Data Entry

Data can be entered into the MILK MANAGER module in a variety of ways:

  • Manual entry of individual supplier data
  • Manual entry of data for a route
  • Manual entry of route data in a predetermined sequence (using a template)
  • Automatic reading output from truck AUTOMATIC DATA CAPTURE (ADC) systems
  • Reading data from unmanned remote sites
Milk Manager - UDS Software

Manual entry of data can be done for individual suppliers or the data can be entered for all the suppliers on a route at the same time. If a considerable amount of data is to be entered manually then input time can be reduced by setting up templates for the collection routes. A template holds the suppliers on a route and the collection sequence. When entering data using a template the user is presented with a template of the route with the suppliers in the correct sequence and displaying the most recent 3 collections for each supplier. The use of the template option greatly reduces the time required for data entry.

A particular feature of MAPS2000 is its ability to read the output of a range of truck AUTOMATIC DATA CAPTURE (ADC) systems. MAPS2000 is currently reading the output from the DIESSEL system, the MAC system, the OGENEK system, the ULTRAKUST system, the PIPER system and the MIDAS system. On some sites it reads output from more than one ADC systems.

MAPS2000 is also being used to read data from remote sites e.g. haulier PCs’ or unmanned storage devices at remote delivery locations.

In the case of missing data MAPS2000 can automatically calculate a 4 day average based on the values on either side of the missing data.

Milk Manager - UDS Software


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