Laboratory Module

The LABORATORY module handles laboratory test results for supplier payment. The system highlights values that lie outside user defined exception limits. It calculates monthly payment averages. These can be simple averages, geometric averages, weighted averages or medians.

Test results can be manually entered or read in from an electronic feed.

Laboratory Module - UDS Software

Using our LIMS module data can be read direct from laboratory testing analysers and milk testing equipment. This module also contains all the functionality required by the laboratory staff to manage and validate this data.

Alternatively can read the data files produced by independent laboratories. In particular MAPS2000 can read the output of the major independent testing laboratories e.g. ADAS, ANSER, GLOBAL, ECLIPSE and SWS.

This module produces management reports summarising the laboratory results for groups of suppliers and for suppliers as a whole. It also produces reports on Laboratory results for individual suppliers.

Laboratory Module - UDS Software


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