Laboratory Management System

The LIMS system from UDS Software allows you to manage all the functions of milk testing in your lab.

Equipment and Tests

The system connects with and reads data from the following lab testing equipment:

  • Bentley
  • Foss
  • Delta Combi
  • Bio Foss
  • Protus
  • Avery Weighbridge

Different types of samples can be tested including:

  • Different Batch types
  • Supplier Payment samples
  • Alternate Supplier samples
  • Herd Investigation samples
  • Herd recording samples
  • Truck samples
  • Miscellaneous samples

Up to 10 different tests can be associated with each batch type. Tests can be grouped together so that if one is deleted all results in the group are deleted.
Results can be read automatically from a machine (via serial port connection to the equipment) or imported from files generated by the equipment.
Results are assigned different status as they progress through your business workflow. When results are read in initially, the status of a batch is set to V – to be validated.

Users can change the status of tests as necessary. Status of batch can change to the following :

V – To be validated
C – Checked by user
D – Deleted
T – Transferred
P – Sent to Payment

Secondary Tests can be set up that are based on calculations of existing tests e.g. FPD Freezing Point Depression comes in as a value but may be wanted to be shown as a percentage of Added Water.

User Access & Auditing.

Different users of the system can have different access rights to the system and users can have access to specific batch types to be modified.



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