Farmer Payment Module

The FARMER PAYMENT module calculates the payment due to each supplier for each payment period. It prints a statement for each supplier outlining the payment due and the basis of the payment calculation. It produces management reports on the payments due and if required will produce a computer file including bank details on suppliers for use by a BACS package or for processing by the bank.

The collection of rules that define the basis on which payments to a supplier are to be calculated is called a contract. There is no limit to the number of contracts used. Each supplier is assigned to a contract. The payment to a supplier is based on the contract that the supplier is assigned to at the time the payment is calculated.

MAPS2000 allows an account to be maintained with individual suppliers. This keeps track of ad hoc transactions with the supplier that are not part of a general contract. For example this allows the milk purchaser to recoup payments made on behalf of a supplier to a third party e.g. feed merchant, bank.

Farmer Payment Module - UDS Software


A contract is a set of rules which describe the basis on which a group of suppliers are paid.

A contract can consist of some or all of the following elements:


A fixed amount to be paid per litre of milk of reference quality


The user can defines for each of the laboratory tests the effect it has on the payment per litre (See Figure FP1).

Figure FP1. A screen showing the relationship between the average test result and the payment per litre for a contract.

Farmer Payment Module - UDS Software


A deduction to cover the cost of haulage. This can be any combination of a fixed charge for the payment period, a per stop charge and/or a charge per litre. The charge can be capped. The per litre charge can be different for suppliers with different volumes of milk. VAT at an appropriate rate can be applied to the haulage charge if required.


Deductions due to breaches in requirements. These can be more severe for repeated breaches within a defined period.


Payments that vary by time of year.


Bonus related to the size of a collection


The user can set up headings under which adjustments are to be made e.g. LOYALTY BONUS, RESEARCH DEDUCTION. On a contract up to five adjustments can be made under these headings. These adjustments can be fixed or per litre and VAT can be applied at a user defined rate. These adjustments can be itemised on the supplier’s statement.

Farmer Payment Module - UDS Software


MAPS2000 allows up to 4 different supplier dependent messages to be incorporated into the statement. These can be defined at the individual farmer level, at the regional level, at the haulier level or at the milk supplies manager level.

There can be a number of versions of a contract with different effectivity dates. The system selects the correct version based on the date of the payment.


It is possible to handle ad hoc transactions with a supplier that are outside the normal contract. This allows the user to debit the supplier for some specific service rendered e.g. bulk tank maintenance. It also allows the purchaser to recoup a payment made on behalf of the supplier e.g. to a feed merchant.

The user defines the heading under which the transactions are to be made e.g. BULK TANK MAINTENANCE. A transaction is either positive or negative and is either fixed or per litre VAT can be applied at a user defined rate.

Transactions are time stamped for the payment period in which they are to be taken into account thus it is possible to schedule a transaction for a number of periods in the future.

The transactions will be itemised on the supplier’s statement.

Farmer Payment Module - UDS Software


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