About UDS Software

UDS Software is the leading provider of farmer payment systems in the UK and Ireland. The MAPS2000 range of software is in use in sites in Ireland , the UK and Canada.

Our software range covers all areas required by a milk processor. We have been providing solutions for over twenty years.

An Industry Standard :

There are a number of different ADC (Automatic Data Capture) systems available for milk collection vehicles. MAPS2000 is currently reading the outputs of the DIESSEL system, MAC system, OGENEK system, ULTRAKUST system, PIPER system and MIDAS system. On some sites MAPS2000 is reading the output from a number of different ADC systems. Because of its ability to read the outputs of the different systems MAPS2000 allows its users to use a mixture of ADC systems if desired.

Our LIMS and WEIGHBRIDGE modules can also read data directly from the electronic equipment commonly used in the Dairy industry, in particular we have experience reading from FOSS, BERKLEY, PROTUS and AVERY equipment.

MAPS2000 can read the output of the independent testing laboratories e.g. ADAS, ANSER, GLOBAL, ECLIPSE and SWS.

We are committed, and our large user base will ensure, that MAPS2000 will continue to read the range of data sources present in the Dairy Industry marketplace. This allows our customers to choose the option that best suits them at a point in time secure in the knowledge that MAPS2000 has experience in handling not only the option chosen but also other options that might be of interest in the future.

The open solution :

UDS SOFTWARE aims to be a partner to the Dairy Industry. It is our intention to enhance MAPS2000 to meet the requirements of our customers in a cost effective manner. However, we recognise that some of our customers may wish to manipulate or analyse the data stored in the system themselves e.g. to do some calculations in a spreadsheet or incorporate data from the system into letters to their own suppliers. To allow this MAPS2000 has been developed as an open system.

In addition to a built-in query tool, we provide our customers with details of our data structures so that they can use their standard in-house tools to made ad-hoc enquiries if they wish. The system also facilitates the export the key data in a format that is compatible with spreadsheets.

Because of its design, the use of MAPS2000 does not require the client to use a particular database e.g. Oracle. The client is free to use any ODBC compatible database. We currently have clients using Oracle, SQL Server and FOXPRO.

The future :

Our large user base ensures that MAPS2000 will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the Dairy Industry.

MAPS2000 is a genuine package. All clients under maintenance receive regular upgrades. Thus all clients benefit from the ongoing enhancements of the product and new modules are available on a “plug in” basis.

Any modifications required to deal with changes to the Statutory Requirements relating to Quota are included in the regular upgrades free of charge.

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